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For many people in the music game the mere thought of making a decent living doing what they love to do will not suffice them. For them the world is simply not enough. They want the money, car and the clothes –all of the trimmings and trappings that success in the rap game brings. As a highly skilled rapper, producer, DJ and graphic artist and entrepreneur Dub-G is more than capable of conquering the world of urban entertainment from all angles. But for the muti-talented Big House Music, LLC recording artist, founder and CEO he will be happy as long as he can make a good living doing what he does best and providing a platform for up and coming urban acts. Unlike many artists who strive for that instant success which can often be no more than a quick flash in the pan-here today gone tomorrow, Dub has honed his myriad of skills and set his sight on longevity.

In 2005 tragedy struck in the form of Hurricane Katrina which destroyed a major portion of the town of Pass Christian, forcing Dub and his family to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia. “That was a crazy experience for me and my family,” recalls Dub-G. “We were torn apart for a while. We lived all over Atlanta, from the eastside trap spots to the big house where we are now. Thank God we pulled through it all.” Once settled in Atlanta, Dub wasted no time making his presence known. He started doing production and graphics for various underground and mainstream Atlanta artists. As word about Dub’s skills got around he soon found himself with a long list of steady clientele. He also got involved in the mixtape game and launched his own series called "Gorillaz In Da Trunk" under the moniker DJ Big House in 2006. Since then his work can be found on major mixtape websites and all around the streets of the south and midwest!